Lacuna / Caesura 


Nordic Futurism and Gardening in Azerbaijan in Paperwork

Oneiric gardening in HYSTERIA

Overview Effect on AQNB

Morning Sonnet on Prairie Schooner

Invisible Poetry & Boy of Letters on Eclectica 

WHAT on Bread Loaf Journal Vol. 1 [Pg 4, 26]

Right Side Up & Thinking Like An Island [Pg. 5, 30]

The Affair on Kritya

The Cherry and The Spoon and The Cherry and The Spoon on Pyrta


In print

A Return to the Island, ed. by Helena Lugo



Egg Notes, supported by India Foundation for the Arts


Modern Indian Poetry by Younger Indians, Sahitya Akademi

The Yellow Nib Modern English Poetry by Indians [Pg 90 - 93]

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