Hylozoic Desires


Hylozoic / Desires

Hylozoic/Desires (Himali Singh Soin & David Soin Tappeser) is a multi-media performance duo whose work combines experimental poetry and improvisational jazz drums in order to conjure borgesian, speculative futures or multiverses. H/D aspire toward a flat ontological ether in which all forms of life—solid, stone, spirit or human—are equal. H/D’s sense of time and space is messy. H/D’s research orbits around (non)place and history as a lens through which to look upon the multiple materialities of contemporary existence. H/D is concerned with the (poly)rhythms of love and the bea(s)t of belonging. They use metaphor as an event, as a force of attraction that holds otherwise distant entities together. 



In Lapsus Kairos, we speculate upon the potential histories nd utopian futures f a public site through twelve micro fictions. Mimicking the structure of the sundial, the compass, the nose, the rose, these allegorical narratives triangulate, breaking down the dialectic by adding an infinite third. The stories are held together the way an hourglass is held together, by a moment of rest, a single strand of synchronicity guided by the centripetal rhythm of the percussionist-timekeeper. Here, you will bathe with a poet, you will and will not think like Plato, you will fly into an invisible geodesic dome and find yourself waiting on an infinite lunch break. Choose your own adventure.


'hybrid/simultaneous or the disembodiment of non-artificial intelligence' (2016)

Drawing upon the Indian tradition of 'jugalbandhi', in which two players play off and against each other in a structured improvisation  climaxing into a  trance,  the duo harmonise between word and drum, testing the limits of intimacy, conf using subjectivities. Can the essence of a couple transcend the dualism of its constituent parts? How do different modes of being affect its inner workings of and its public appearance as a unit? The piece  i s  in search of that mysterious and infinite third. 



A short night of a long love story that navigates fifteen years, three continents, and multiple--some invented--philosophies. The hour long piece simultaneously tracks a changing--and in some ways startlingly static--political and technological landscape, reading the thin line between fact and fiction through through an experimental record of a reconstituted past. It questions the authority of the narratives that sustain the fragile lines between the real and the imaginary, between countries and people through poetry, sound and a powerpoint presentation.


the particle and the wave

"We flash past signal-boxes; we make the earth rock slightly from side to side. The distance closes for ever in a point; and we for ever open thedistance wide again." -Virginia Woolf, The Waves

Performed with improvised marginalia and drums.  
In collab with master algorithmist Dario Villanueva